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Criminal law attorneys situated in Bloemfontein who does bail applications and criminal trials

Practice Areas

Criminal Law | Maintenance Law | Domestic Violence Protection Orders | Harassment Protection Orders | 

Conveyancing | Notarial Services | Military Prosecution

This is a person who got arrested and is currently detained for an offence. He will nee to apply for bail in order to be released.

Criminal Law

When you find yourself on the wrong side of the law

JHJ ATTORNEYS have been representing clients who found themselves facing criminal prosecution. It is important to be assisted from the onset whenever a criminal case has been opened against you or when you have been informed of certain allegations being investigated against yourself.


Legal assistance is of the utmost importance as it includes, but is not limited to police bail, warning statements, formal bail applications, trial readiness inquiries, plea bargains, formal trial and the presentation of evidence, admissions and sentencing.


It is important to note that in certain circumstances a criminal record can be expunged by way of application after a period of ten years, whereby we can assist.


Criminal law is a specialised field of expertise and it is important that you receive expert advice and representation. We at JHJ ATTORNEYS pride ourselves in expert legal representation in various criminal matters.

Maintenance Law

Child and Spousal Maintenance

A maintenance order may be in place as a result of a divorce or a settlement agreement. There are numerous reasons a person may want to apply, either for a new maintenance order or for an increase or decrease in maintenance instalments.


When it comes to child maintenance, the judicial system will conduct an inquiry as to what will be in the best interest of a child / children. It is often found that an individual / parties attends to court unrepresented and may be misled or intimidated by representation on behalf of the other party.


It is important to know your rights, to be accurately prepared and be ascertained that all relevant documents are discovered and received prior to such an inquiry being conducted, ensuring that you are correctly prepared to fight for your or your child / children’s respective needs.

father dont want to pay maintenance for minor child and so the mother needs to approach court for a maintenance order.

Domestic Violence Protection Orders & Protection from Harassment Matters

No means no, you know!

A term not open for interpretation. The Domestic Violence Act together with the Protection from Harassment Act clearly defines what constitutes Domestic Violence and Harassment. It has been legislated into operation to assist and counter all forms within its definition of domestic violence and harassment.

It is significantly important to be correctly advised and represented whether you are an Applicant or a Respondent, as any such order can have immense implications on your freedom.

domestic violence and no consent is the main concerns when it comes to applying for a protection order and or consent in a rape charge



The transfer of immovable property takes place after an Agreement of Sale / Offer to Purchase has been signed by the respective Seller and Purchaser. The Seller has the choice of appointing the Transferring Attorney also known as a Conveyancer to attend to the Transfer of the immovable property. Immovable property includes residential property, commercial property, farms and developments.

While it may seem to be an intricate process, the use of our qualified Conveyancers will provide all the necessary advice and guidance to ensuring the process progresses successfully, making the journey of owning your dream property a reality.

The process of transferring immovable property and ownership thereof from one individual to another, may occur in various other ways as determined by South African law and includes, but not limited to, inheritance, divorce and even donations.

JHJ Attorneys will assist in every aspect that may require our expertise regarding any immovable property that requires a change in ownership.

JHJ Attorneys can assist, amongst others, in the following:

• Antenuptial Agreements;

• Drafting of deeds of sale;

• Drafting and registration of notarial deeds and agreements, which includes leases, servitudes and notarial bonds over immovable property;

• Opening of sectional title registers;

• Township and sectional title developments.

property transfers in Bloemfontein for estate agents who are looking for quick transfers without the need for bridging
correspondents situated in Bloemfontein the law capital of South Africa with access to the supreme court of appeal and High Court Free State

Correspondent Matters

With Bloemfontein being the judicial capital of South Africa, we are ideally situated to assist in acting as correspondents.

We handle matters in the Supreme Court of Appeal, the High Court and in the Magistrates Court, and can assist in obtaining any records and documents from all the surrounding areas.

We further act as correspondents in criminal and civil matters.

legsato court military

Military Prosecution



Criminal and disciplinary actions against members of the South African Defence Force.

The SANDF prosecutes its members who made themselves guilty of an offence which includes common law and statutory criminal offences as well as disciplinary offences (labour).

The Legsato’s of the SANDF is the relevant forum which adjudicates such matters. It consist of a Military Judge, a Prosecutor as well as a defence attorney and it’s sentencing jurisdiction stretches from imprisonment (Detention Barracks and Prison) to dishonourable discharge and even the lowering of a rank.

The SANDF has prosecutors in their employment whose full time responsibility is to prosecute members after a case has been opened by the Military Police.


It is important to appoint a defence attorney who is well acquainted with the system and the processes involved and has experience in these types of matters. We are proud to state that we are experts in military defence matters.

The SANDF logo for representing clients at Legsato
unfair dismissals, rentrenchements, unfair labour practices and ccma application or at the bargaining council

Labour Related

When it comes to labour disputes it is important to act with the utmost urgency in order to adhere to the timeframes relevant to different disputes It is always better to be guided through the process to avoid frustration later on We assist employees and employers who are in need of legal assistance in the relevant bargaining councils and the CCMA and deal, amongst others, with the following matters: 

• Conciliation
• Mediation
• Arbitration
• Con/arb
• Condonation Applications

About Us

JHJ Attorneys approach is to abandon the quixotic idealistic attitude and to serve clients on a personal level. It’s the client’s needs that come first and the firm is a vessel in obtaining and executing solutions to secure success for each of our clients.


Legal research and preparation are required to secure the best possible outcome for any client. 

We are focused on the best possible client representation rather than pursuing extravagant charges, billable hours and overheads. We believe that the path to success starts with how clients are treated and represented.

As much as we prefer consulting in person and having a one-on-one interaction with clients, we understand that in today’s modern world a law firm needs to adapt to circumstances. We welcome and embrace technology and change.


As Courts are implementing the use of technology by means of video conferencing and electronic filing systems, the need to overcome traditional ways of practicing law is ever important.


We are flexible and adapt to the needs of our clients, be it to consultation telephonically, video conferencing or even by using modern technology such as WhatsApp. We understand that the traditional way of conducting everyday business is changing at a constant rate. We as such wish to accommodate our client’s and their families in the most convenient manner possible.


Most of our documentation can be completed by means of electronic communication.

We truly and firmly believe in our ethos of “good enough has never been good enough”. We go the extra mile; we place ourselves in our client’s shoes and approach each case differently.


Our services will be the benchmark in the near future.


JHJ Attorneys a new era law firm.

Detained accused person consulting with his attorney at Grootvlei prison awaiting trial

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Determined and Relentless Representation

We truly and firmly believe in our ethos of "good enough has never been good enough". We go the extra mile, we place ourselves in our clients shoes and approach each case differently.

Our services will be the benchmark in the near future.

JHJ Attorneys a new era law firm.

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a client who is looking for an attorney / lawyer to represent him in Court without fear

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this is a happy client who is shaking hands with his attorney who had successfully represented him in a criminal trial
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