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About Us

JHJ Attorneys is a firm specialising in criminal work which includes police bail, formal bail applications and criminal trials.

JHJ Attorneys approach is to abandon the quixotic idealistic attitude and to serve clients on a personal level. It’s the client’s needs that come first and the firm is a vessel in obtaining and executing solutions to secure success for each of our clients.

Legal research and preparation are required to secure the best possible outcome for any client. 

We are focused on the best possible client representation rather than pursuing extravagant charges, billable hours and overheads. We believe that the path to success starts with how clients are treated and represented.

As much as we prefer consulting in person and having a one-on-one interaction with clients, we understand that in today’s modern world a law firm needs to adapt to circumstances. We welcome and embrace technology and change.

As Courts are implementing the use of technology by means of video conferencing and electronic filing systems, the need to overcome traditional ways of practicing law is ever important.

We are flexible and adapt to the needs of our clients, be it to consultation telephonically, video conferencing or even by using modern technology such as WhatsApp. We understand that the traditional way of conducting everyday business is changing at a constant rate. We as such wish to accommodate our client’s and their families in the most convenient manner possible.

Most of our documentation can be completed by means of electronic communication.

We truly and firmly believe in our ethos of “good enough has never been good enough”. We go the extra mile; we place ourselves in our client’s shoes and approach each case differently.

Our services will be the benchmark in the near future.

​JHJ Attorneys a new era law firm.


The Representation You Need

The director of JHJ Attorneys in Bloemfontein who will relentlessly represent you in criminal offences and attend to your urgent bail applications.

Jan Jordaan


Jan Jordaan is the director and founder of JHJ Attorneys inc. He is a goal-driven and enthusiastic legal practitioner specializing in criminal law, maintenance and protection orders. He possesses character traits which include people's knowledge, a positive attitude towards every task and challenge, thrives under pressure and has a passion for the law.

Jan obtained his LL.B degree from the University of the Free State and possess over seven years post graduate experience including but not limited to:

·Attending to the responsibilities to panel legal insurance companies;

·Attending to Judicare criminal work on behalf of Legal Aid South Africa;

·Litigation in motor vehicle claims;

·Attending to criminal and labour related trials at the Military Courts of South Africa (LEGSATO’s at the South African National Defence Force);

·Drafting of cost accounts and attending to the taxation thereof;

·Road Accident Fund claims;

·Civil litigation relating to motor vehicle accidents;


·Expungement of criminal records;

·Formal bail applications which include opposed and unopposed bail applications;

·Numerous Regional Court trials which include sexual offences; fraud; murder and attempted murder;

·Afterhours Police Bail and Prosecutor’s bail;

·Representing minors in the Juvenile Criminal Court;

·Argue applications for leave to appeal;

·Legal opinions;

·Drafting and attending to warning statements;

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